Minnesota Secretary Of State - How to register your business
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How to register your business

Before registering your business you will need to decide on the structure of your business (Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, etc). For more information about types of business structures, see our How to Start a Business information.

Step 1: Create an online account with us and login. Here you can find more information about creating an online account.

Step 2: Go to the Business Filings Online page and click on the business structure you would like for your business.

Step 3: Answer the questions about non-profit status and professional status. 

Step 4: Verify the name you would like for your business is available. To do this, type the proposed name into the search box. NOTE: you don't need to type the entity ending (LLC, Corporation, etc) at the end, use the drop down menu to choose the way you would like the suffix displayed. Go here for more information about Name Availability Guidelines.

  • The words “Bank” or “Trust” are not allowed unless used in ways that do not refer to a financial institution.
  • A name which contains the word “Insurance” must also include the modifier “Agency”, “Broker”, “Brokerage” or “Services” or similar modifiers in order to indicate that this business is not engaged in underwriting.
  • Banks and insurance companies do not file with the Office of the Secretary of State. Instead, they must file with the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Step 5: Complete the required information for your business. 

NOTE: Some filings may require you to upload a pdf of the filing document or requires you to draft your own filing document if the form is unavailable. Once you have completed the filing document, then save it to your computer as a pdf file before uploading. It is important to note that the file size must be less than 2 megabytes. The file name must be 10 characters or less and contain no punctuation, spaces or special character. If a PDF form is not available for your filing type, you may upload a document that you have created directly for filing in a pdf format. Please note a typed name at the bottom of the form, in the usual space for the signature, satisfies the legal requirement for a signature.

Step 6: You’ll have a chance to review the filing at the end of the process. After you’ve reviewed the filing you can click “Submit”. You will then receive an Order Number specific to your filing. Record the Order Number before continuing. Then click on the “Continue to Make Payment” button.

Once on the US Bank page you will have the option to set up an e-service account with US Bank. The US Bank e-service account will store your credit card information for future transactions.  

You can by-pass the US Bank e-services registration by clicking on "pay without registering". This allows you to process a one-time payment with your credit card.

Step 7: After you’ve completed the payment you will receive a confirmation page along with a payment confirmation number. Print out the confirmation page or record the Confirmation Number. You will receive an email from our office when the filing is processed as well as an email for the payment from US Bank.

Step 8: When you receive the email from our office that the filing has been processed you can open the email and there will be a link that you can click on that will take you to our website where you can download a copy of the filing.

NOTE: All filings are kept in your Transaction History for 90 days. The Transaction History is accessible by signing into your online account on our website and then clicking on Transaction History. Once you’re on the History page you can click on the order number on the right and it will give you an option to download the filing.