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Legal Newspapers

Are you looking for the list of Legal Newspapers? click here: Legal Newspapers

Legal newspapers are officially designated publications in which citizens and governmental units advertise notices required by law. 

For example, individuals and businesses filing Assumed Name Certificates at the Secretary of State's office must advertise their intention to use a name in two consecutive issues of a legal newspaper.  In addition, the law requires that notices must be placed in legal newspapers for many public hearings, opening of bids for public contracts, public land sales, corporate dissolutions, and numerous other private and government activities. 

Newspapers must satisfy several requirements to be a legal newspaper, including that they register with the Minnesota Secretary of State and pay a $25 fee. There are over 300 newspapers that have registered with the Minnesota Secretary of States office. The fact that a newspaper has registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State does not prove the newspaper has satisfied all criteria necessary to be a legal newspaper. You are responsible for ensuring any newspaper that you use is qualified to be a legal newspaper under Minnesota law.

 If you are an authorized person and wish to register your newspaper as a legal newspaper, please contact our office for the application.