Minnesota Secretary Of State - Candidate Withdrawal
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Candidate Withdrawal

A candidate who has filed for office may remove their name from the ballot by filing an affidavit of withdrawal.

When to withdraw

Candidates may withdraw within the filing period, or within 2 days of the end of the filing period.

Major party candidates for partisan office may withdraw after this deadline in some cases for a catastrophic illness:

  • A candidate for partisan office may withdraw if the candidate has been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness that will permanently and continuously incapacitate the candidate and prevent the candidate from performing the duties of the office; and
  • The candidate or the candidate’s legal guardian files a certificate signed by at least 2 licensed physicians verifying that the illness meets the requirements. (Minnesota Statutes 204B.13, subd. 1 (b))

What to include on the affidavit of withdrawal

The affidavit of withdrawal should include the candidate's name, the office which they filed for, and a request to have their name withdrawn from the ballot. This office provides a fillable affidavit of withdrawal that candidates may use.

Where to file the affidavit of withdrawal

The affidavit of withdrawal is filed with the same filing officer where the original affidavit of candidacy was filed.

Withdrawal of candidate for governor

If a candidate for governor withdraws, both the governor candidate and the running mate for lieutenant governor are removed from the ballot. (Minnesota Statutes 204B.12, subd. 2b)